Visa Accommodation

Visa & Accommodation

Our official travel agent details below will assist you with your
Hotel + Visa requirements.

Due to a heavy walk-in hotel accommodations are in great demand during this period therefore, it is advisable to book your rooms in advance.

The Organizer has appointed an official travel agent to handle your visa and travel arrangement and they will be delighted to assist you with the same.

Official Travel Agent

Al Fajer Travel

Mr. Muhammad Irfan
Tours Consultant
Al Fajer Travel, Tourism and Cargo
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 3869721,Fax: +971 4 .2869438,
Mobile: +971 55 7869594
Mr. Nabil Mikou
Travel Consultant
Al Fajer Travel and Tourism
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mobile: +971 50 2286291

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